Helpful Information To Review Before Ordering Or Picking Up Bulk Mulch Products

Coverage Figures
One cubic yard of mulch will cover approximately 81 square feet 4" deep, or 108 square feet 3"deep, or 162 square feet 2" deep.

Most mulch products will quickly compress down shortly after installation by about 25 percent. Example: You put down a standard 4" deep application of one of our mulch products loose, and after a little water, wind & traffic you will end up with about 3".

Recommended Application Rates
We recommend applying 3"-4" of mulch throughout most landscape planting beds featuring trees, shrubs and evergreens. In perennial beds, 2"-3" is about right. When mulching large tree spaded conifers and shade trees, figure 6"-8" of mulch over an area that more than covers the tree spade plug.

Other Helpful Hints

  • It is never wise to allow mulch to lap up the side of a plant.
  • It is never wise to use an impermeable barrier such as a long lasting landscape fabric or plastic underneath mulch. If you feel you must use something, use layers of newspaper. You don’t want anything between your soil and your mulch that will keep the two from eventually getting together.
  • Composted broken down mulch improves the tilth of your soil and helps to recreate that wonderful forest loam soil that most plants love.
  • Pre-emergent, or if necessary post-emergent, herbicides are the best ways to control weeds in mulch.
  • Occasional turning or stirring of the mulch in your planting beds aerates the soil and rejuvenates the mulch making it last longer. This is especially true of our Cedar and Pine products.