Ever-Green Bulk MaterialsAt Ever-Green the designers job is to work with prospective landscape clients just ahead of the installation crew. We specialize in both residential and commercial projects. No job is too big or too small, either new construction or major renovations. If you would prefer to have design work done on your behalf and retain ownership of the design work, Ever-Green would be happy to refer you to one or more of the talented, registered landscape architects in the area. We would love to be one of the companies chosen to bid on anya project that they design for you.

Professional Machine Tree Planting

Ever-Green uses a small to medium sized backhoe machine to plant most trees. We know how to "site" and set"" each tree species properly so it is likely to survive and thrive. All of our installations include mulching and tree protectors where needed. All Ever-Green plant installations carry our conditional one year warranty. Installed pricing varies depending on the number of trees you purchase as well as other factors including stump removal, changing or adding soil, etc. Hand planting charges are higher than machine planting charges. Please call for a specific quote on your project.