Ever-Green Bulk MaterialsLET ME TELL YOU ABOUT OUR

Ever-Green has been designing and installing high-quality landscapes since our beginning in 1979. We do good work at fair prices.

We don’t consider ourselves necessarily to be "better" than the other good nursery operations in the area, but we can run with the very best of them.

We do not charge for initial consultations, bids, hand sketches or complete site plans, though we hope that our time is being well-spent leading us towards doing a project for you.

The way Ever-Green’s process works is that a simple sketch or if needed a more complete design is prepared on your behalf as well as an itemized bid to do the work per the design. At a convenient time for you we will present any drawings and bids that have been prepared for you either at your property or here at Ever-Green. Which ever you choose.

Ever-Green does retain full ownership of any drawings, designs, concepts and bids that have been prepared on your behalf. Ever-Green will keep the drawings on file and does not allow any of our work product, either drawings or bids to be shared with others or copied without Ever-Green’s knowledge and consent.

You will be given two copies of Ever-Green’s quote after our presentation. If you would like to get into our landscape schedule please sign one copy and return it to Ever-Green. If you’d like you may be allowed to take our sketches or site plan home with you for further review for a few days. After that we will need it to be brought back where we will keep it on file until you are ready for us to proceed with your project.

At Ever-Green the designers job is to work with prospective landscape clients just ahead of the installation crew. We specialize in both residential and commercial projects. No job is too big or too small. Either new construction or major renovations. If it turns out that you would prefer to have design work done on your behalf and retain ownership of the design work product to shop around to multiple contractors then Ever-Green would be happy to refer you to one or more of the talented registered landscape architects in the area. We would love to be one of the companies chosen to bid on any project that they might design for you.

At Ever-Green we’re here to help with all your landscape needs. Regardless of whether your design work is handled "in house" by Ever-Green or by others in the landscape design profession, when it comes around to the installation, the talented hardworking guys on the Ever-Green crew will do an excellent job for you. Our goal is to exceed your expectations, and usually we do.